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Bridal Trial FAQ’s

by Steve Sinyard

Planning a wedding is no mean feat, there are so many people you have to pull together that you would never usually require in the day to day life. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! I have collated a list of the questions I get asked ahead of a Bridal trial to try and help out where I can.

How much is a Bridal trial?

Bridal trials start from £40 and take place at my Studio. To get a quote for your Bridal party please get in contact here.

When should I book my Bridal trial?

Generally, I would recommend booking a trial 6-8 weeks before the wedding at the latest. This allows time for an additional trial should you decide to change your mind on a hairstyle or makeup look.  I can take bookings in the evenings (6pm onwards) and on Saturday’s. During peak season (May-September) trials will generally be limited to evenings and Saturday afternoons. I can accommodate trials on a Sunday but only at my Studio during the peak season as an exception.

Who should I bring along to my Bridal trial?

It is entirely up to you! I usually recommend bringing along the Mother of the Bride and your most honest friend, 2 people you know you will get the most honest feedback from. If you want to come solo then that’s no problem – fewer interruptions 😉

What should I bring with me to my Bridal trial?

It all depends on what you already have available to you. If you are coming down for your hair trial and already have your hair accessories or veil, then bring them along. If you don’t have them it’s no biggie, just let your stylist know what your plans might be.  A top tip for those having a fresh flower crown – buy a cheap one from Primark to give you an idea of what it might look like.

How long will my Bridal trial take?

As long as we need! I always get asked this question but find it eternally difficult to put a solid number on, especially with hair trials as we can often test a couple of style options. I would suggest for makeup allow 1 to 1.5 hours to allow me to get to know you and your needs as well as complete the look. Hair is a toughie, depends how much of it you have and how many styles you want to try, as a ballpark figure 1 to 2 hours. The above only considers just the bride for timings, if you would like timings for additional trials within the same appointment then please drop me a message.

What should I do before my Bridal trial?

You don’t need to do much to be completely honest! It’s your day so you can choose to do as much or as little as you like. If you would like a list of handy tips and tricks for any bride to be then you can hop on over to my blog post which lists some of the words of wisdom I have found over the years.

What might I need to do after my Bridal trial?

Post-trial you may have a little shopping list thanks to all of the lovely things that you have just been exposed to but critically, you will need to go and get yourself a wedding lippy! It’s no shocker that your lipstick may not last all day especially with all the kissing and knocking back the bubbles! Your stylist should be able to recommend good shopping spots if you are a bit clueless, I usually suggest Bobbi Brown or MAC as they have a huge selection of tones and colours as well as NYX for those keeping an eye on the pennies.

How can I pay for my Bridal trial?

Some Stylists will ask for payment upfront, this isn’t uncommon as in peak season we are in high demand as you can imagine! Some will accept your trial as deposit enough, it’s entirely up to the Stylist. I take a £50 deposit for all weddings which is redeemable against your wedding day balance and secures your date for you and you alone. This is non-refundable if you should decide to cancel. Your wedding date will only be held for 48hrs after verbal confirmation, after which if the deposit has not been received it will be opened up to other brides. This can be paid by Bank transfer or PayPal. You can pay by cash, bank transfer or PayPal for a trial with me. My rule for the Wedding day is if transferring cash or using PayPal, full payment must be made the week before the wedding, if you would like to pay on cash on the day I can accept this, however, this will be expected up front on arrival.