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The Beauty Box Debate

by Lauren McLay

So! The Beauty Box, not exactly breaking news as they have been around for some time now however, they don’t seem to be going anywhere so I figured I should see what all of the fuss is about. Now, they have their pro’s and con’s as well as fans and non believers and admittedly I was a self confessed non-believer and a total a cynic however, my eyes have been well and truly opened!

My Bestie was telling me about her Birchbox in that she wasn’t getting the same buzz from it that she used to, announcing that she was (much to her boyfriends delight) cancelling her subscription. I have heard mixed reviews on the Birchbox with most saying it was a bit hit and miss or they didn’t feel like they were getting value for money (£12.95 a month including postage) with only the 3 subscription options you have to fully commit to a year to make any saving on the price, that’s a big step considering the £100 is payable up front, not bank account friendly direct debits – ouch! The next most popular box is the Glossybox which is a little too pretentious for my liking with a few too many French products for me. Don’t get me wrong, I like to think I am super fancy, but even I know I’m not French fancy (one can but dream). Glossybox offer 4 subscription options which start at £13.25 per month but again, no friendly direct debit options for those with 3, 6 or 12 months just requesting that ugly lump sum again.

My beauty box of choice…The LookFantastic Beauty Box, it ticked all of the boxes for me. It contains beauty products, hair products and makeup – triple threat! At £15 a month it is a bit more than the others given that the samples are the same size however, there seems to be a mix of more relevant products – not to forget the free handbag size Elle Magazine (£4 alone)! Some people don’t care for the magazine but for me it was a huge pro. It’s high end, fantastic for inspiration and keeping me up to date with all of the latest trends, covering catwalk and high street as well as boasting some beautiful editorial imagery *swoon*.

What’s in the Box??

The products that came with this months beauty box were just brilliant. I can’t fault them and if they continue this way I may never cancel my subscription! A little about just some of the wonderful products within…

codage paris moisturising mask


Codage Paris, Moisturising mask – Paraben and Phathalate free so fabulous on my sensitive skin. The mask is rich and moisturising without feeling heavy. It instructs that you wash it off after 20mins but I left it on over night and my desert dry skin felt baby soft in the morning.


caudalie micellar water
Caudalie Micellar Cleansing water – This smells so fresh and is truly very gentle, so gentle it took a long time to get my makeup off. I also found that it left my skin feeling quite dry after, but then I am yet to find a micellar water that doesn’t leave my skin dry. I had high hopes for this one as Caudalie are quite hot on hydration but alas, I think the wonderfully simple to use micellar water just isn’t for me.


lottie makeup brushLottie London Blending Brush – On the packet this is advertised as a super soft blending brush. Whilst the brush is super soft to the touch, I would say it is a little too firm for creating a soft smoked out shadow. It is however, fabulous for other purposes such as buffing out kohl pencil liner and adding in a soft socket line. It is going to go to good use in my brush belt but not necessarily for what it says on the packet.

I have raved about this beauty box since it arrived and as a result my Bestie has subsequently given in to her urges and signed up to the LookFantastic box too, she had a void to fill and this perfectly fits her needs. Her boyfriend lies defeated once again!


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